Monday, May 23, 2011

The Track Season

Annalisa has always loved to run.  I don't mean she goes jogging all the time, but she loves to play sports that require running like soccor, etc.  So this year she tried track for the first time.  She loved it!!  She ran the 100yard dash and the 200 meter  and occasionally the relay.  Well at a Tiger Griz Freshman Classic, she and her relay team got second place.  It was pretty exciting.  


Perrys came again and brought Brandon this time.  He thought the junk drawer was pretty incredible.  Who wouldn't?
 Just doin' a little kid yoga.
 Heidi Jo spoiled us with her delectable and beautiful chocolate covered strawberries.

Kyle's Awesome Quiz

For as long as I can remember we have had a junk drawer.  It is full of junk that the kids might use to create stuff, but it's pretty much garbage.  Kyle also has a drawer full of old Christmas lights.  So this is a quiz and you put one wire on the question and the other wire on the answer.  Then if it's right the Christmas light goes on.  I thought it was awesome, but I think most kids now-a-days make these eventually.  
 So here are the questions to Kyle's awesome quiz.  1.  Who was the first boy on earth?  2.  Who built the ark in the great flood? 3.  Who is the  4.  Who cut Lamanites arms?  Answers are Adam, Noah, Kyle, and Ammon.

Winter with the Webbs

We lucked out and got a visit from the Webbs.  Well actually they May have come to see Jeff's mom and us.  So we packed in the fun and even planned a date for Elliotte who had just turned 16. .

  We now get to enjoy Michael's brothers family more often as well because they sold their house in Logan and are looking for one here while they stay with Jeff's mom.
This date turned out to be really fun.  Taylor came up with the idea of making a meal.  He and Elliotte made the main dish and Kate and Weston made the dessert.  Add pop and it's a guys perfect dinner.  Salad Shmalad, it probably wouldn't fit on the plate anyway.

Conference and Grandparents

This year for conference we had a little surprise.  My parents came for a few days.  It was so great to have them and they tried to take as many kids as possible on individual date.  Mostly it's just nice that they can come up from Utah instead of the 15 hour drive from California.

 Aren't they cute!

Friday, May 20, 2011


St Patricks Day is always a help in getting through the long winter months.  I enjoy St. Patricks day, but there are some people who love it. I mean really love it.  My sister Heidi Jo loves it.  My niece Tess and my daughter Kristen all love it.  Kristen actually buys green items and accessories with her own money in anticipation of this holiday.  Even Natalie's stuff belongs to Kristen.  Why, do you ask..  The only thing that I can think of is all of these people have green eyes and call green one of their favorite colors.  I personally think that many of them enjoy when they don't wear green on St. Patrick's Day and can say, " I have green on because my eyes are green."  Or when people say, " Are your eyes green?"  They can shyly say, "Yes."  but secretly feel like they have the coolest eyes on the planet.  Now you know that I'm teasing, but if any of this is true of your green eyed friends or relatives,  I'd like to know. I'm pretty sure that my green eyed husband did some of this, and I have to admit that his eyes are pretty cool. 


I just thought this was a cute picture of Katelyn during her Sophmore year.

Monday, May 16, 2011

HJ and Bridges Come to Visit

In March Heidi Jo came for a visit with Bridger. As I am typing this, Livvy keeps saying, "He is sooo cute!" and she keeps saying it.  It's true. He is so cute, and the fun part is while he was here he started walking.  We even recorded it.  Heidi Jo is a cleaner and besides cleaning, she redecorated a lot of our house with things we already had.  It looks much better, and she does have some serious skills.She also introduced us to a game that she made for Brandon's class, Sweet Town.  We played and rate it a four star.

This is a picture of us each wearing one of my 10 pairs of dollar store glasses.  Yes, I need  glasses.  The problem is that I don't need them sometimes, like when I'm at a volleyball game or outside.  So, off and on and I have glasses everywhere.

Heidi Jo did some decorating and we wanted to remember it.

Don'cha nember

Oliva is the sweetest girl.  She is constantly trying to figure out things to do for me. Sometimes it goes on and on all day.  So this is her latest.  She makes a bed for you. 
It's not usually on a bed.  It's usually on the floor  or couch somewhere.  There is a blanket with a pillow.  Then she will put a personal item like a stuffed animal in your favorite color or a tie for Jeff or a football for Kyle.  Then she will put a movie.  Then it becomes your bed and she wants you to sleep in it.  She did one for everyone yesterday.  So we all laid on our new beds and hugged our stuffed animal and looked at our movies.

Today I suggested that she make Jeff and my beds on our real bed. So, she went a little crazy and added an outfit, house shoes, shoes, etc. I really want to remember how sweet and thoughtful
 Livvy was when she was four, so I can say "Don cha nember."
This is Jeff and I from Olivia

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Glamour girls

I wanted to include these pictures because it is so rare that Natalie will allow herself to look glamorous.  She is very anti-pink and purple.  She's not really into cute clothes either.  She is into diamonds, which is very glamorous.  Curling her hair is pretty much a miracle. This is her Christmas dress. 
Annalisa talked them into it and I'm glad we got it recorded.