Saturday, July 4, 2015

Week of the Fourth of July

I had just finished youth conference and we started off another fun week with the Christensen kids and a water balloon fight.  Sadly I actually pulled my back out on this one.  That is the first time that has happened. The fight was still fun and is also a tradition. 



We had a  birthday party for Nathan, Annalisa, Olivia, Michael and Sydney at Michael and Stephanie's place.

On the Fourth of July we started out with the parade.  This is our panoramic picture. See how I have about 6 legs. Then we took a picture of Mom with Jay Hildebrandt in the background.  He is a newscaster.  Nathan was in the parade for the Robotics Club.Erin also got a hug from a creepy character at Jeff's request.  It's traditon.
Kate Courley Park for a picnic and Ultimate Frisbee.
  Then we went to the Oklahoma Jones' for some good, clean fun.  We had the cherry seed spitting contest.  It is harder than you think.  I am remembering that  Michael got his the furthest.  I could have been the shortest. I am a bad spitter and proud of it.

  Next the harmless water balloon toss.

 that turned into a full on knock down, drag out, water balloon fight.  You have to know something about the Jones boys.  As sweet as they are, they never surrender and never give up.  I am serious.


The Water balloon Launch

Then on to Grammie's for the Dinner/ Barbecue.  It was a beautiful day and everyone was a little bit sunburned.
We had a delicious dinner,
 with homemade root beer,

 great company,
 Fourth of July hair,

sister time,
more Fourth of July hair,
 face painting,

and last but not least,  the fireworks.