Friday, December 27, 2013

Iceskating at Christmas Break

Today we all decided to go iceskating.  Natalie had a few old tickets from when she took lessons that we thought we better use.  Kate was home so we went for a skate.  Olivia thought she found her gift.  She was pleasantly surprised at how good she was at iceskating. 


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Christmas Cup!

The Christmas Cup is our newest tradition.

While Anna and I were shopping on Black Friday morning, Jeff was creating the golf tournament,called the Christmas Cup.  It  involved 19 players of all ages.  He tried to make it even, so the experienced and the inexperience had an even playing field.  So this is how he did it.  We played in three groups and individually on the first round.  If you hit a tree you'd minus a point, but it had to be unintentional.  Then if you hit the bar by accident and were twenty feet away, then you'd get 2 points off.  Then if your par was over 7, you'd get par 4.  Then in each group the person with the highest par would get the magic putt card for the next hole.  The magic putt would give you a par 3 no matter what.  Then at eachhole there was an opportunity to minus one more, but only for the winner.  Each hole had a different catigory.  For instance,closest to the hole on the third throw, shortest drive, shortest putt, etc.  Then after we finished the first game, we got in line from lowest score to highest.  Then the highest was partnered with the lowest, the  second highest was partnered with the second lowest, and so on  Then the second round was played best throw.  Which was great.  When it was all said and done, the best player still did win.  Michael is our pro.  At the end he and Kyle had a shoot off because they were tied for first.  Kyle tried to respect his elders and let Michael win.  Kate came in a close third.  It was so fun even for the inexperienced.  We also got a little game bag with an orange a treat and a water bottle.  Jeff thought of everything.

                     We also had to sign in.  This was official!  Jeff is explaining the rules of the game.
                                                Here are the players.  It's anyones game.
                                   The winning group walking in slow motion.  Look at that attitude!
                                                                        The shoot-off

                                 Kyle was a good sport and presented the prize to the winner.