Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kristen's Projects

They had a T-shirt contest on Idaho.  This is Kristen's design and she won first place for the fourth grade. 
 Here is a map of Idaho made out of Salt dough.
 Here is her Aluminum Project.
Then, her favorite activity at school was the recorder.  The kids could pass off songs.  Kristen was awarded with this glass note necklace that she is wearing because she was the first to pass off all the
  songs and was asked to play a solo at the concert.

  Lastly Kristen bought a kelly green ukulele.  She was so excited and now is trying to learn how to play from the internet.

Ice Skating

This winter, Natalie begged me to let her try ice skating.  In all the 16 years I've lived here I never went ice skating.  So we signed Nat up through Parks and Rec and she did great.  She was always trying to do this bending down thing where you drag your back foot.  The experienced skaters do this.  She loved it so much that we went as a family for Kristen's birthday.  I have to admit it was really fun even for me. 

 Cousins make everything more fun. Don't they look experienced?


Happy Birhtday Kristen

This year for her Birthday, Kristen had a unique request.  She asked for letters.  She really is one of the last letter writers in America.  She longs for pen pals.  She has a few letter writing buddies, but for her birthday she asked for Birthday letters.  This is the  first one from Laurie Stoker.  She received letters all month and I have to admit it was awesome.  She got a lot of letters and was in letter writer's heaven.  Thanks everyone for making her dreams come true.

Kristen turned ten this year.  We actually won this amazing cake at a service auction from Michelle Farnsworth.  Can you believe how awesome it is. 
 Kristen's b-day started off with the usual breakfast in bed.  We took it down to her room which we call the dungeon.  It is not finished and the door is an old piece of wood that we used at a country fair to throw pies through. 

 We usually ask the birthday girl if she wants someone to stay with her and keep her company.  She even got a little entertainment.
 The lucky thing about turning 10 is you are in the dishes rotation.  Kyle claims to have been in the rotation since age 2.  He's very happy about this birthday.

Delicious!!  Party with the Mcdonalds.

Valentines Party

You know how exciting it is for a kid, especially a girl to buy that cheap box of valentines to give out to your friends.  Well Olivia felt the same way, but driving around to all her friends and giving them a valentine didn't seem that fun to me, so we had a valentine exchange party at our house.  Mom(Jeff's Mom)had received this cute fabric bag from her visiting teachers and found the pattern, then surprised us with making one for each of the guests.  They were so cute.  She and Olivia filled them with candy.  It was a super fun party and was cute how none of the kids quite knew how to put a valentine in each bag.  

New Years Eve

This year for New Years we stayed home.  Michael and Stephanie and kids came over and Kate had a few friends over.  We ate played a few games and had a great time.
Pre-12:00. Are we ready to make some noise?

 Happy New Year 2011!