Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Texas Miller Ruinion Part 2

One of the best parts of this trip was being on the beach.  We were really lucky.  The water was warm and Gabe helped everyone surf.  He kind of stands out their and gets people started standing on the board, then he pushes so you can ride the wave.  It's pretty cool.  I always forget how much I love the water!

Teams for the obstacle course.  I really thought we were going to win.  I was sadly mistaken.


Dad told stories and sang some Johnny Mathis and played, Eliza joined in with Dooley from the Darlings on Andy Griffith
the last part of the reunion was the race that I think only Megan and Charlie participated in the last morning.  I did try to go for one more swim, but the water was really dirty from a storm I think.

Thanks Charlie for planning such a great reunion.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fourth of July

 Start with the parade and all the regulars like Grammie and the Rigby Jones, but this year we have the Listons as well.  Tommy got the hug from the creepy guy in the parade.

 Picnic and volleyball at Freeman Park

On to Grammies for a Barbecue for dinner with homemade rootbeer, bubbles and face painting

  Megan was nice enough to let Ivy paint her face!


Fireworks 2012