Tuesday, March 29, 2011

In Loving Memory

 As many of you know Jeff's Dad passed away January 9, 2011.  We miss him dearly. We decided to focus on how we remember him.  He was a big part of our lives and we don't want to forget the great times we shared. 

Kristen remembers family reunions together, and him always making jokes and stuff.
Mary:  Happy, quick to laugh, loyal, true, faithful and loving.

Jeff:  loving, gentle, patriotic, hard working, self made man

Kyle: Grandad is funny, nice, smart and awesome

Anna:  He was playful, kind and generous
Mary remembers:  He is just a good person.  He treats people well and was always good to me from the moment I met him.  He loves his family fiercely and watches over them.  I believe he still does.
Natalie:  He is nice and always helps me and because he loves me.
Kyle remembers going metal detecting, fishing, mowing the lawn together and building stuff together.
Kate:  He was always supportive, he had a strong testimony, he was always joking with us and told good stories.
  Natalie remembers helping him build.
 Jeff remembers:  Dad came to see Katelyn receive her Young Womens Medallion days before he moved to Salt Lake.  He could hardly stand, but he wanted to be there.  I will always be grateful for his love and support.  One of my favorite memories was sitting on top of many mountains and watching a fall afternoon go by as we hunted. More recently, our morning breakfasts at Cedrics, just him and I.
 We had some great visits.
Katelyn remembers harmonica lessons and how he could play just about anything, trips to the Hostess store, and him coming to see her get my Young Women's medallion after he just got out of the hospital.   
  Annalisa remembers: He always  played the games with us at the family reunions.  We camped in the backyard and he told us stories like the Washer and the Arrow. 

Kristen:  He is generous and really fun to be with and funny.

 Olivia: His beard and good worker.  The policeman told me that Grandad used to work with him.

Olivia remembers:  I hug him and be with him and be nice to him.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Program

On Christmas night we do a Christmas talent show called " The Program."  Usually we do this with Grammy and Grandad Jones and any other family who is visiting. 

Jeff and Kyle did the funniest skit.  It is a the sequel to their original funny skit Sportacus.  This was Sporticus II.  It was great and we all laughed.