Sunday, June 17, 2012

Texas Miller Ruinion Part 2

One of the best parts of this trip was being on the beach.  We were really lucky.  The water was warm and Gabe helped everyone surf.  He kind of stands out their and gets people started standing on the board, then he pushes so you can ride the wave.  It's pretty cool.  I always forget how much I love the water!

Teams for the obstacle course.  I really thought we were going to win.  I was sadly mistaken.


Dad told stories and sang some Johnny Mathis and played, Eliza joined in with Dooley from the Darlings on Andy Griffith
the last part of the reunion was the race that I think only Megan and Charlie participated in the last morning.  I did try to go for one more swim, but the water was really dirty from a storm I think.

Thanks Charlie for planning such a great reunion.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Texas Miller Reunion Part 1

This Reunion had to be one of the most fun reunion we have done in a long time.  Because it was in Texas, we had to really make a plan and plan a lot of fun. I came without kids and Megan brought Susie.  Carrie, Sam, Megan and I are pictured here.  Laurie and Susie and some of their kids came.  Carrie and Charlie are with their families and then Mom and Dad.
Megan is holding Maddie Miller
Nathan and Arianne are entertaining the kids above.
Megan, Mom and Charlie in the kitchen 
Mom and Abby right

Gabe, Susie and Mary

Arianne holding Susie and Nathan holding Abby.
Andrew, Blair, Susie, Becca, Jacob, Gwen and Paige

Rebecca             Paul
Jacob, Joseph, Eliza, Rebecca and Andrew

Grandpa on the left and Joseph on the right
Charlie and Gabe with their little ones

Clair on the left  with Gabe, Gwen and Blair

Andrew and Jacob on the right

Megan and Susie
Blair, Gwen and Rebecca

Paul, Mary, Charlie, Meg and Susie above

The newly weds, Joseph and Eliza left

 Andrew right

Sam's Dos Palos Baseball shirt

Rebecca, Gwen and Blair and Mary practicing for the talent show.
Down at the beach finding crabs with Rebecca, Gwen, Blair and Susie

Josh, Paige and Clair on the left with Eliza and Rebecca on the right.
Rebecca and Gwen getting ready for our obstacle course on the beach.
Charlie and Mary left and Gwen, Blair and Rebecca right.
Next we tried to catch crawdads.  My dad was pretty much in heaven.  It was pretty fun.
Arianne, Nathan, Abby and Andrew
Meg with found puppy and Abby.              Grandpa Miller

Charlie, Joseph, Mary and Maddy above.  Eliza and Susie below.
Abby in the pink.         Eliza and Gwen and baby Maddie

Jacob and the puppy with Eliza working hard to get that crawdad.

Megan and I are quite the experts.
Megan, Andrew, Nathan and Charlie with Susie and the flower.
That night we decided to heart attack all of the parents doors.

Family Picture before church.

Johnsons left

Stokers right
Siblings picture with Laurie, Carrie, Sam, Megan, Mary and Charlie 
Charlie's family
Just for fun sibling picture Sam,Charlie, Megan, Mary, Susie, Laurie, Carrie holding Skye.

Gwen, Grandma Miller, Susie, Paul and Blair

Red Punch Day, not sure if that is a thing, but according to Rebecca it is.  Gabe, Rebecca, Mary, Gwen and Blair.

Laurie and Paul