Monday, March 31, 2014

January and February Madness

Well, this winter Natalie decided to try basketball for the first time.  Her experience included Lightning for Family Night and playing around at the church every once in a while. The first game was pretty disheartening for the girls because no one on her team had ever played.  The team they played had been playing together twice a year for a few years.  I think they thought that the other teams would be more like them.  Natalie did get MVP with one basket which was the only basket.  AS they progressed they got better every game. I think their high score was 18.  They almost won their last game, but I can't tell you how much they improved.  I'm not trying to be nice, they became aggressive and defensively knew what to do.  They rebounded and most of them became better shooters.  I was able to work with them on defense and rebounding.  I was so proud of them.  There coach was my friend Cheri Weimer.  It was a great season!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Cousins weekend

 Well this weekend started with a visit from the Johnsons, my sister Susie's kids from BYU.  Polly, Amanda and Trevor came Friday night and stayed with us until Sunday morning.  Sunday was Hyrum Erikson's baby blessing in Pocatello. We always love having them and why not? They are a blast, as you can see.

The Monday before this, we as a family went to the Youth Ranch Thrift store and found as much crazy green clothes/ accessories as we could.  If anyone would like to borrow the belt that Nat is wearing, let me know.  Then came the getting dressed for the St. Patricks Day party.  The Johnsons were ready to go and we mixed every color of green that we could find.  The Oklahoma Jones hosted and went all out as well, many of the outfits sewn by Erin. 
We played Banana Grams, Boggle and Limbo.  We ate many delicious green and rainbow finger foods.  It was so fun for everyone. When we got back to our house the Johnsons entertained us with a parachute.  It was so fun and felt magical.  Who doesn't want to play with a parachute.  Their dad got them one and they use it at college.  We played every game that they could think of.  It was a beautiful day.
I had to run to a bridal shower and when I got back Amanda and Polly were practicing Natalie's dance routine and recording it.  It was so darling that they would do that with her.  It can be found on
We also played Frizbee Golf and went to a movie at the Paramount where Kyle was working.  Paramount treated us and after the kid movie Trevor treated the kids to Italian sodas and candy from the sweet shop.  We came home and tried all the different kinds of candy.  The Johnsons were so awesome and they really came to be with us and spend time with the kids.

Lastly Sunday morning we went down to Pocatello for Hyrum Erickson's baby blessing.  Eliza, Hyrum's mother is my sister Laurie's daughter.  Her husband is Joseph.  Aaron her brother came as well.  We had a fantastic time eating, visiting and laughing.  It was a wonderful weekend and we are so thankful for our sweet neices and nephews.