Saturday, November 23, 2013

Decorating for Halloween.

Our Halloween tradition for decorating is done on the first monday of October.  So I decided to make some popcorn balls and wondered if I knew how to make them anymore.  They were good but falling apart.  Then we pull out the vampire portraits to display.  These date back many years to a day when Kate decided to take pictures of everyone dresses like a vampire, makeup and all.  So, in case anyone is like, "Why did they do that?"  We have fond memories of dressing up and pulling them out every October.  The witch cut out is all the way back to my Elementary teaching days. 

 This year we used a lot of cobwebs and it was really fun.  It is a pretty cheap way to decorate and requires you to refrain from dusting.  Perrrfect!  Then the homemade spiders top off the magic.  Ok it's not that magical, but to a kid tradition does make you happy.  Our little hunchback is our favorite guy.  I painted it with a lot of help from my friend Tracy and it was worth the hours.  We call him Frankie. I guess he reminds us of Frankenstein.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Conference Traditions

This conference we had some visitors.  Eliza and Joseph came from Pocatello to watch with us.  We love having them.  Joseph is in dental school at Pocatello for his first year. We have evolved over the years with the activities that we do to help kids pay attention.  We used to do packets from the friend and we have always done Bingo on the last session.  The easiest is notes, so that what most of them do.  Then after each session we give prizes/rewards for any little thing.  Even if you are in the room you get a little prize.  Then it ends with me or Jeff asking questions about what people said for a little snack.  It has been years in the making, but conference is usually a sweet memory with our family.  
While the boys were at priesthood, we had a girls night that entailed, hair and makeup makeovers.  Each person was in charge of the makeover of another. 
I was in charge of Natalie and Olivia did Eliza's hair.  Later on we adjusted both Natalie and Eliza's hair because, "Hey we had time."

Natalie did mine and Eliza did Olivia's.  I've got to admit that Eliza made us step it up a little because Olivia's hair looked amazing.

Anna had to go to work, so I did Kristen's, and Eliza did Natalie's.

Livvy and Nat did fantastic as you can see!