Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The Hail Storm

We had a hail storm.  this was not like any other hailstorm that I have witnessed.  I dropped  Natalie off at a friends house in the Cottages.  On the way home I started hearing pounding on the top of my car.  It sounded like baseballs were hitting really hard, bam, bam, bam.  I expected there to be big dents on the top of the car but I couldn't see them at the time. The hailstones were misshapen and about 1 1/2 to 2 inches in diameter.   We watched from the garage at the end.  The damage was really surprising.  It was like the eye of the storm went right through our neighborhood and destroyed every house.  We had to replace our roof, our siding, a door, some windows, and our garage door.  The car I was driving had damage as well, but not as big as I expected.  It was the strangest phenomenon since the Eclipse.  It was like you had no control and it seemed unreal especially after the storm, driving through the neighborhood and seeing damage on every house.

This was a house in our ward. 

We all had to have patience on getting things fixed.  Most people put duck tape on the holes in case it rained while they waited.  We all had an appraiser come immediately, but fixing our house took a lot longer.
It happened April 7, but we didn't get our siding until the end of the summer.  Everything is fixed or replaced now except our Garage door and it is October.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Back to School Dinner

 Back to School Dinner
is one of the kid's favorite traditions.  Normally we choose a theme and try to do it before school starts or the first day of school.  This year we did it during Conference so that Mitchell and Katelyn could be there.  We decided that once our kids are married they get to help host.  It's really nice because then we don't have to make fools of ourselves alone!  The room was transformed into a 50's Diner by Jeff with the cool black and white floor.  

We slicked Kyle's hair and gave the girls bandannas and served soda pop.   We tried to use 50's lingo and served, hamburgers, hotdogs, fries, and milkshakes.  

We had a bubble blowing contest while they waited to be served with a

A little entertainment.
Hula hooping was a success for a few, Kristen and Olivia.  The rest did pretty well in the middle with Jeff and me at the bottom of the pack.  I don't even know when I forgot how to do it, but I did.  

   Last but not least Elvis gave us a surprise visit at the end.  

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Winter Sports 2018

To start off with, Kristen made the JV/Varsity Hillcrest Girls Basketball team.  So she played on both teams.  They took these sweet pictures and hung them in the gym for the season or the rest of the year.  Kristen's is in the middle.  She looks so cool.  She was one of the few that they chose a picture of her not smiling, serious business.
A few action shots

  Free throws

 Natalie made the Sandcreek 8th grade team.

Olivia decided that she wanted to try volleyball at WPCS.  She started out B team and ended up A team.  They won their tournament.

Club Volleyball for Natalie with Danica as her coach

 The winning tournament
Pickle Ball with the Hermansens, coached by the Hermansens

 Last but not least both of these girls took iceskating, so we will call it a winter sport. Natalie demonstrating the Superman!