Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Winter Sports 2018

To start off with, Kristen made the JV/Varsity Hillcrest Girls Basketball team.  So she played on both teams.  They took these sweet pictures and hung them in the gym for the season or the rest of the year.  Kristen's is in the middle.  She looks so cool.  She was one of the few that they chose a picture of her not smiling, serious business.
A few action shots

  Free throws

 Natalie made the Sandcreek 8th grade team.

Olivia decided that she wanted to try volleyball at WPCS.  She started out B team and ended up A team.  They won their tournament.

Club Volleyball for Natalie with Danica as her coach

 The winning tournament
Pickle Ball with the Hermansens, coached by the Hermansens

 Last but not least both of these girls took iceskating, so we will call it a winter sport. Natalie demonstrating the Superman!

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Natalie's Track Record

 Natalie decided to try a new sport this year.

She chose 100 meters, 400 meters and 4 by 200 and High Jump.  This is a picture of the 100.  It's interesting to watch Nat.  She had a bad start, but by the end she tied for 1st.  She's always had drive.  the 100 has many participants and she and Kennedy tied.  When we looked at all records for Idaho, which ended up only being our district who had raced yet this year they tied for 11th.  

 The race that really surprised us was the 400 meter, that she was not really interested in running.  She won for her heat and thought that was great, then my friend Amy informed me of the Idaho State Track times site and said that Natalie was first in Idaho or our district.  She was so surprised as were we.  It was a great start.

 High Jump was something new for our family.  Natalie has a best friend, Hadley whose Dad was a decatholete for Ricks and BYU.  He took them to the school and helped them a lot.  Natalie did great on her first time.  She made it up to 4'2".   Her friend got up to 4'8" and won for our tournament and the district so far.

Monday, March 19, 2018

St. Patty's Day 2018

To start off with this year Olivia put cut out shamrocks all over the house.  She just kept adding them.  It was pretty fun.  

 Then Jeff surprised me with this planter of beautiful spring flowers to get me through these cold, windy days.  the tulips haven't even bloomed yet.

On St. Patrick's Day we had a special dinner and the Nelsons over.  Walker is getting so big.

We'll throw Kyle in there too since he celebrated a little in Mexico.

 Then for family night the Monday after St. Patrick's Day we had a party.  The traditional Irish Jig/Musical Shamrocks, which was a down to Kristen and Sydney with Michael right behind.

The St. Patricks Day Limbo is always a favorite and got down to Erin and Reagan.