Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Aging Bishop

When Jeff was first called as the Bishop, we still had little kids.  Olivia was 2 and Nat was 5.  Kristen was 7, Kyle was 11, Anna was 12 and Kate was 14.  I always think it's funny how people joke about getting gray hair when they are the Bishop.  So here he is when he was first called into the Bishopric serving under Darren Merrill.  Not a care in the world.

Then this is one month after he became Bishop and he was able to baptize Kristen.

This is him 3 years later with significantly more gray.  His genetics do have premature gray on both sides, but we'll pretend it's the calling anyway.

Here he is at the end of last Thanksgiving vacation looking handsome and more gray. 

The Bishopric at the last Bishopric Christmas party.  Left to right,         Jeff Sondrup, Bishop Jones and Cory Brower.