Monday, November 29, 2010

Swimming Lessons

Nothing like swimming lessons at Ammon Pool

Waiting for the diving board

 Can she do it.  Well if you threw her in.Yes! Just kidding, it's more like a drop.

 This girl is a fish.

 The hesitant jump.

Nice form

The dive

We almost didn't get swimming lessons in this summer because we didn't have two weeks free, and even though we missed one day it was still worth it.  This year we even got our neighbors, Alli and Taylor as teachers and Liv got to do it with Makenna.

Pioneer Day

In the Spring I was called to be the Activities Chairman.  I have to admit that I did have this calling once before in my single BYU Days, but I was surprised and pleased to get it again.  The thing that surprised me the most, was how helpful ward members were at every activity.  So the Pioneer activity was originally going only be a parade with donuts.  Kind of a quick morning activity, because people have things to do.  Well the primary volunteered to do like 8 or maybe 10 small activities for the kids as well.  We had homemade ice cream, stick pull, tug of war, relays, kettle corn, etc.  It was so fun. So, this activity turned out a lot better than I planned because of them.  The parade went around the parking lot led by the Harts and primary music.  The Bishop and Brother Sondrup led the parade on decorated bikes and it was still a short activity.  The primary presidency is Julie A., Joy T., Karla C., and Christy M.  My committee was Erin R., Jeana C., Talitha J., and Dale and Christy C.  They are awesome. 

Have you ever seen a pirate pioneer?


Our yearly last day of school trip to get Sundaes didn't happen until the Oklahoma Jones showed up.  It was delicious, but because of the large order we offered to serve as well. 
  Big Girls, Kate, Jessie, Erin, Anna, Kris, and Emma
The Boys, Craig, Andrew, Aiden, Nathan, Jake, Mark, Kyle and Alex
The little girls, Olivia, Sydney, Regan, and Natalie

 Our servers, Lisa and Mom (Rhea)

The adults, Stephanie, Mom, Dad, Lisa , Mark, and Sarah
The young adults, Austin, Mary and Jeff

Final Teams for Jolly Butcher Boy

 Famous Candy Bar Game

Oklahoma and Utah Jones

Every summer the Jones from Oklahoma come to visit.  This year the Utah Jones came as well and I guess we are the Idaho Jones.  Either way it was a blast as usual.

Spencer sure has grown.
Jessie, Erin, Anna and Kate 
 Mark and Sarah
 Erin, Jessie, Katelyn and Anna
The Snake Charmers Craig, Kyle, Jake and Nathan
 Secret Handshakes

Emma and Kristen
 Mark, Jeff, Mom and Michael
 Michael, Mark, Dad and Jeff
 The wink!
 Ross Park and our bathing beauties
 Mark and Jake
 Stephanie, Liv and Mary

 Steph and Regan
 Sydney, Mary and Liv
 Jessie and Kate
 Anna and Erin

  Water Ballet
 Kate and Jessie
 Erin and Anna
 Kristen and Emma
 Sydney and Natalie
 Kyle, Nathan, Craig and Jake
 Regan and Livvy