Sunday, October 10, 2010

10:10pm on 10-10-10

It is 10:00pm on 10-10-10.  The kids said this will never happen again in their lifetime.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Olivia and her bike

Olivia learned how to ride her bike a few weeks ago and has gained a new confidence in her ability.  She tries to wear her helmet and shoes, mostly.  She knows the basic rules, if you feel like you're going to crash, ride into the grass and jump.  Face the direction you want to go to get a good start.  Ride on the sidewalk when your mom is watching.  Well, last Tuesday I let her ride her bike to the church, while I drove my car beside her and coached her where to walk her bike and where to get on the sidewalk etc.  I can't tell you how a picture paints a thousand words.  The look on her face was pure pride.  I'd compliment her as we went and tell her she was a big girl.  She would just look at me with sheer joy and say through the car window. " I love you mommy."  Which is the best way to describe how happy she was just riding her bike to the church with her mom watching.  Life is simple and sweet for a new bike rider.