Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Fun

Sometimes I feel like a kid when it comes to certain times of year.  I am very nostalgic and love traditions.  I think kids can be sticklers when it comes to tradition and I understand.  Every tradition is filled with experiences and memories of the past as well as the experience you are having at that moment.  So here are my moments tonight.  We had an early dinner and  Natalie offered to make pancakes with orange food coloring and make them into pumpkins with chocolate chips.

I know she nailed it!  Haha.  The good ones got eaten.

Nat and her friend decided to wear animal footy pajamas instead of their princess costumes for trick or treating for warmth.

 Nat asked me to paint a rabbit face. Olivia wore her same Little Red Riding Hood costume.

This is all the regular stuff, so why am I feeling so excited.  All I'm doing is giving candy and seeing all the darling kids in the neighborhood come with their cute costumes and I want to give them anything they want.  I have to take Kristen to a friends and I'm almost panicking that I will miss someone.  It's so silly.

 Kristen who was gone when we carved pumpkins so she decided to do a quick Captain America because you gotta carve a pumpkin.  Then I keep relighting them.  Why do I feel compelled to keep the magic.  Normally Jeff goes out with the kids, but he is in Utah, so he is  missing his thing that he likes to do.

So now my kids are downstairs sorting their candy and I am loving this fun night.

Sometimes people think that Halloween is all about having the best costume or getting tons of candy, but here are a few things that I love that just happen to be connected to Halloween.

1.  It's a time to look forward to something.  Kids think about what they will be and how fun it will be to wear that costume.  Then parents buy or create  that costume, using their talents and do something with their children.
2. You plan a night with your family carving pumpkins, eating pumpkin seeds and enjoying each others company.  Each kid picks what pattern is most like them.
3.  On the night of Halloween, magic fills the air as pumpkins are lit and neighbors hold their kids back until it is time.
4. The neighborhood comes together going door to door.
5.  I love seeing what each kid has chosen and see their parents making a memory with their kids.

For my kids their memories of Halloween are full of fun.   Can you see why I get a little thrill on the night of Halloween.

Last Day of Fall

So this fall as been amazingly mild, beautiful and enjoyable. One of my favorite things that has not happened before that I can remember is that my summer flowers have bloomed and bloomed.  I have loved having the fall colors with my flowers and have appreciated every minute.  Well this week the weather changed and my geraniums died and the others are going next.  This feels more like the Idaho Fall I remember on Halloween week.  So the kids went out with the neighbors and had one more fun day raking leaves, throwing leaves and playing outside.  I'm so glad that they took advantage of it.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Backyard Party

Our first college party occurred in June for Anna's birthday.  We played volleyball and had a fire with birthday cake.  It was fun!  Anna shared her birthday with her roommate Becca and a neighbor from Royal Crest.