Monday, April 28, 2014

Winter Olympics 2014

So do you remember that crazy snow storm in April that came out of nowhere and dumped a ton of snow.  Well, Kyle was trying to make a snow cave with the snow blower and ended up with this snow track instead.  So Jeff being the fun guy that he is decided to organize a Winter Olympics for Family Night.  Here are the teams, the Gray and the Red.  It actually makes me smile thinking about it because it was so fun.  The first event was the Snow cone Relay.  Each person had to run around the track and fill the cup with snow, then add food coloring and hand it off to the next teammate.  That's how we ended up with our beautiful snow cones.

The next event was the Snowman relay.  Each teammate made a different part of the snowman while running around the track. 
You can see that we staged this one.  Anna had a triumphant win as we witnessed Kristen's crushing disappointment.  Ha Ha

Next was the Ice Baton Relay.  Jeff was trying to teach everyone how to have a good hand off.  Sadly ,if your baton broke, which most of them did, you had to go back. This made it anyone's game.  

The next event was the Snow Throw.  You fill your pvc pipe up with snow and fling it as far as you can.  It's a little trickier than you might imagine.

Last but not least was the hardest event of all.  It was only for the diehards.  You had to race barefooted on the snow track.  Kristen and Nat braved it, but the most intense race was Jeff and Annalisa.  You can see who won.  Everyone who entered this race deserved a prize.
Thanks Jeff for being so fun and making us a little happier when the snow falls and it shouldn't.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Easter Pictures


Sweet Little Livvy

 So for Mother's day I found this darling bunch of meaningful items to make me feel special from Olivia.  She thinks about what you might like and then tries to make your day .  It always works.
So the bottom part was a smiling face with granola bars, crackers and licorice.  Popcorn with an x for a kiss.

The top part had a binder opened to families are forever, pictures of Jeff and I, Megan and I and Melinda and I.  There were two scriptures flowers a book about friendship, a corsage,coupons from her, candy, and this sweet note.  She found most of this around the house.
The note says: Mom you are the bome(bomb).  Love, Olivia
Love you, you do.  You are like a sky.  I will not lye.You are grerat, and you are never late.  You are a date because you are grerat.
 My other children also spoiled me with breakfast in bed,sweetness and gifts throughout the day.  I am one lucky mom.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Making Moments

Last night we had a campfire.  We didn't want to smell like smoke, so we used a propane one.  Kristen was a little bummed that we didn't have a real fire and some kids were like, "Lets get to it so I can watch a movie or do something else."  Well the meal of hotdogs, chips, carrots and punch was delicious, not to mention the s'mores.  We laughed, sang "Zoom Gali Gali,", and told a few interesting ghost stories.  It ended up being really fun.  I realized last night how moments take effort and endurance on the parents part.  Sometimes they just happen, but usually we need to plan something and  then have a good attitude. Food usually draws the crowds.  It helps if both parents are on board.  Have you ever said, "We're going to have fun whether you like it or not." Sometimes even with careful planning  it doesn't go how we picture, but it doesn't go at all if we don't make the effort to make moments.

Can't Resist the Easter Egg

Over the years I have dyed a lot of Easter eggs.  No matter where you are from, it seems like most people that I know have tried it or at least heard of it.  Well one year we skipped and I thought it was fine.  Then the next year we did it again and after all the kids left I was still doing Easter eggs.  I don't know if it's just theraputic or nostalgic or maybe it makes me feel creative.  Whatever the reason, I don't like to skip anymore.  So when I'm old and gray, I'll just call Gramps over from the other room and we'll have some fun dying Easter eggs.