Sunday, June 26, 2011


Lately Natalie has been very interested in getting glasses.  I remember wanting  glasses in 5th grade, but not 2nd. It could be because of the 10 pairs of dollar store glasses that are positioned throughout the house.  I used them for reading.  Now I actually wear one pair all the time.  Natalie has been wearing my other glasses regularly.  I will  have to say that these girls look pretty cute in them.  For your information I asked Walmart Pharmacy if they would sell glasses without a prescription.  They said yes.  I informed Natalie that if she wanted to use her own money and pay 10.00 for some glasses she could.  She is thinking about it.

Just Like Nephi

There's this guy named Nephi and he was making a boat and these mean guys came and they were mean to him and they didn't let him make the boat and he said don't touch me I have powers, and he shocked them and then they went on the boat with him.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Oriental Trading

 Oriental Trading 
What happens when a 13 year old boy gets a hold of an Oriental Trading magazine and has money to burn.  Well 48 bouncy balls, 48 boomerangs, 48 mustaches, a blow up air guitar and a blow-up monkey later gives us a summer full of fun.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Day for Mother's has arrived.

 Thanks kids for being so thoughtful.  Breakfast in bed, candy bar poster from Kris and Olivia, flowers from Nat,  a bag of all my favorite treats from Kyle, flowers from Kate, Florence chocolates and Jamba card from Anna and many more homemade gifts and surprises from Jeff.  I love you all completely.

Will You Go to the Prom?

As many of you know KLCE puts on a Second Chances Prom every year.  Jeff knows that I love to dance.  He even took a few lessons with me, which is a true sacrifice on his part.  Well this year I had heard about it and then forgot.  So, on the day of the prom, Jeff got a bunch of Easter candy and invited me for that night.

  I answered and he offered to find me a dress.  We ended up going late, because of the dress shopping.  We had a blast and I really got a burst of energy.  Dancing does that to me. 


Yes we dressed up and went to Wicked in Boise.  It was a super fun day and the singing was incredible.

Flower Power

Flower Power
Although Flower Power reminds most people of the 60's.  My Flower Power gets me through these crazy long winters.  I have many bulbs planted and when they they bloom it gives me hope, I'm serious. It makes me happy.  So when  I'm old and gray and I have bulbs planted in every nook and cranny of my yard don't be surprised.  Here are the first flowers that came up.  This is before all of the tulips bloomed, which also brought me great joy.

Fun again!

Now as most of you parents of teenagers know, they are not always as fun as they used to be.  They become mature and want to talk to each other, etc.  So when I catch Kate in one of her good old playful moods I just have to record it.

 This started out with dancing and ended in  Karate/Ninja moves.

Black-Eyed Princess

Black Eyed Princess, now that should be the name of a book.  Olivia is a true princess, but the black-eye fits too, because she plays hard with the best of 'em.

Hot Dogs

When it's supposed to be Spring in Idaho, we jump on any semi-good day and do a weenie
roast. I'm remembering that it started slightly snowing at the end of this one.  The kids are usually so excited for summer that they just want to get that old familiar smell. 

Bear World

After 16 years in Idaho Falls we finally broke down and went to Bear World.  The three older kids all had something going on, so we took the ones that would appreciate it the most, Kristen, Natalie and Olivia.  It was half price day and was totally worth it.  This is how it went.  We drove through the park and expected to see a few elk, deer, and one bear.  To our surprise we saw some elk, deer, a moose, buffalo and a ton of bears.  They were mostly lazying around, but we actually saw so many that we lost count. 

Then the kids each got to pet a baby bear and play at the playland which is included and would have bored the older ones, but was perfect for the younger. 
We decided to go through the wild park part one more time.  It was a lot like the first time until this bear walked right in front our car and then stood up on two legs and hugged our car by the left, back passenger window.  We were so amazed and loving it for the kids.  That bear stayed and kept grabbing our car.  We got it on video, if anyone wants to see it.  The best part was Natalie yelling, "  This is so awesome.  I love this." over and over.  Kristen will always remember how she switched Nat seats to see better and wished she hadn't.  This bear was in Natalie's face at least three separate times.  I don't know if that will ever happen again.  It was awesome.  It did leave a few scratch marks on our car. Luckily it was our old car.

The Petting zoo did have deer and this gross looking pig that we nicknamed Elvis.