Friday, April 8, 2016

Cars Then and Now

When I was growing up we had some cool cars. This is my Dad's old truck that he eventually painted red.  I wish I had a picture of the Vista Cruiser station wagon with the brown paneling and of course the Monte Carlo.  We used to play on my dad's truck and my sister Melinda, the one in the cool glasses even went to the prom in this truck. I know you are impressed by our wardrobe.  Susie the one with the hat was pretty stylin' as well and me with the vest, I did my best.  Heidi Jo is the baby.

Then there is the white station wagon.  This is more of a vague memory, but I do remember being able to climb on top to wash it when I was little.  I'm not sure why we are never quite dressed in a lot of my baby and kid pictures. 

So the first car that I actually married into was a Mazda 646.  Then we got the red corsica, that felt like a missionary car.  We progressed to the White Ford Explorer that was named Rocko or Rocky, then the Saturn that the kids named Jamie.  The full sized van was named the Bronze Babe and was the most unattractive, but sturdy car we had owned.  Now we have Suburban, a Pontiac Grand Prix and our dumpy kid car is the tan Ford Contour.  Here is the next generation climbing on the top of the car to make sure it gets washed.  It's not really about washing the car, it just feels cool to climb on top of the car.  These kids are dressed a little more modestly.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Conference Traditions

Last weekend we had so much fun being together as a family.  Watching conference has always been a part of my family.  I used to have to travel to Fresno as a kid, an hour away to watch it at the church and eat sack lunches.  Then it was Merced 1/2 hour away.  The Saturday session was always fun because we could shop at the mall while the boys did the priesthood session.  Now I get to watch it in my living room.  My dad used to have us take notes and then he would quiz us at the end and we could get candy or pop.  Kids love that kind of game.  So we have evolved over the years with activities and games, but yesterday may have been one of my favorites.  So  the kids mostly take notes, then we have coloring pages and Bingo for the last session. Here are the reason for the notes: 1.It helps them pay attention 2. They need it to  answer questions at the end.  3.We use our conference notes to do a devotional once a week during family scripture study.
So we had Erim, Will and Abigail come for the Sunday session.  After the session I give treats for staying in the room, paying attention, taking notes, taking meaningful notes, then I usually start asking questions. Then at the end I have the kids help with a question and story.  But this year we started with them each asking a question, telling a story and telling something that they liked or learned.  I think it might of been because we had the young adults present, but it felt like a spiritual discussion only with treats.  It was lovely and I enjoyed every minute of it.  Olivia really got it this year.  I mean she understood and comprehended like she never has before.  I think she also understood that the words that were being said were what God wanted us to know and do.  That gave her a better perspective.  We loved being together.
Then I talked to my daughter Katelyn who went to my parents for conference.  My parents don't have a TV in the front room, so the cousins all piled on the bed and watched in my parents bedroom.  Then they ate and had fun discussions with Grandpa and Grandma.  Here is a tip from Grandpa on marriage that he just heard from Elder Uchtdorf in priesthood. It was Kate, Kat and Sam (who are married), Rebecca and Polly.  "Marriage is like a garden.  You start off with flowers and weeds.  You work really hard to get rid of the weeds.  Then you just have flowers and you hug and kiss all the time."  He may have added the hug and kiss all the time, but that sound like how they are.  He also added that you need to praise their strengths and that some of the things that may be the weaknesses at the beginning are the things that teach you the most in the end. It made me feel happy that other people that I love were together having a wonderful day too.