Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Father's Day

I week before Father's Day Jeff and I celebrated our 19th anniversary.  We have been married a long time.  So, just for fun I'd like to tell you what I think of Jeff Jones.  When we were dating, the things that made him different than other guys are that he wasn't always bragging and trying to impress me.  So, the more we dated the more I was impressed, instead of the other way around.  He had a calm confidence, trustworthy demeanor and easygoing way about him.  I noticed he served others easily, and was fun and playful.  He was a strong member of the church and just a good guy.  OK, now as an all knowing  college student I also cared about these things.  He was nice to his mother, he didn't watch sports on TV constantly, he did the dishes, and liked to camp.  I loved how he always held my hand and how we were best friends.  He was  handsome and taller than me.  Sadly, because I was fickle, I liked it that he didn't worship the ground I walked on and how our feelings were equal.  He didn't come on too strong and took things slow.  He was funny and got along with his roomates.  He'd cook for me, and when I'd cook he'd do the dishes.  He was willing to learn country dancing, even though he dropped me a few times. He will go to a dance even though he does do the Deacon shuffle and lacks rythm. He's athletic and ruthless in a snowball fignt.  He takes me seriously and listens to me, which is a biggy.   He sang funny camp songs when we hiked.  He wanted to be an optomitrist, which seemed like a stable profession to me because I was planning on being a stay at home mom.  He loved his mission, and served faithfully.  He was a good hometeacher and treated people well. He was not gross for a guy and kept his noises and spitting to himself.  Can you believe how picky I was.  It's a miracle I even got married at all.  I think it was all the advice I got from my married sisters.  He did blow it at Melinda's when her baby pooped on my leg and Jeff backed away without offering any assistance.  It was pretty funny.  Needless to say, he was the right guy and Heavenly Father approved. 
 Even as soon as a week after being married I realized that I got more than I'd bargained for in a good way.  He's not perfect, but he does have two amazing qualities:  The first i.humility, which makes him very easy to communicate with.  The other is charity.  He is charitable.  He's not faking it.  He constantly serves me and seems to find his joy in it.  I try to spoil him too, but never seem to catch up.  It's pretty much the secret to a happy marriage.  Simple, but hard.  That's why he's such a great husband and father and I am so blessed to have him. 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Christensen's visit

The Christensens came to visit from Utah.  In the past, my sister, Melinda and I would trade kids for a week.  It's been a while and seemed long overdue. So, we invited the four kids left at home to come to Idaho.  It was so fun and just like old times. 
 We did drag Anna's b-day on a little.
Water balloons was the entertainment of the day and ended in a huge water fight.  First and only one of the summer.

We played all week, but the highlight was the musical, directed and produced by Kat and Kate.  It was actually really funny including some voice overs.  Jed did great with the singing.  This may be the last musical that Kyle can be talked into.  Really.

Anna's Birthday

Happy Birthday Annalisa! Our little girl is growing up and 14. She's still the same sweetie, but can now go to dances. Not that they dance much at dances anymore, but it's still fun to get dressed up and go with your friends, who also just turned 14.
She asked for Peggy's delicious cheesecake.

She pretty much asked for clothes and here is one of her cute outfits.

 Grammy and Grandad Jones
 Kyle and Annalisa

Friday, September 3, 2010

Manti in June

In June, school was out and we were ready for some fun. So, Kate, Annalisa, Kristen and I decided to go on a trip to Utah. Whenever we go to Utah, we have to visit our cousins the McDonalds, even if it's for one day. Many times when we have visited, Uncle Scott will have what we call a "concert." He has an incredible voice and has performed a lot of his life, so with the colored strobe lights and the high tech equipment, he'll perform and we'll perform and it always feels like a party. Uncle Scott, Aiden in back. Kristen, Aiden, Amber, Kate, Olivia and Anna in front.
Here's the rest of the gang, Lisa, Alex and Austin.

Next we went to Manti. My parents have lived in California from 1969 until last year when they moved to Manti. Even though they still have a house in CA, they also have a small home in Manti. Under Doctors recommendation, my Dad needed a new climate, with him getting pnemonia every year in CA. His health has been much better. Who can blame him with fishing everyday in the summer and art classes in the winter, working at the temple and the small town atmosphere. My mom has a great job in the school district that she loves. She just can't get away from kids. It is her talent.

 Where ever my Dad lives there will always be a chicken coop. He has loved chickens as long as I can remember. Kristen picking eggs.
 Grandma always has dolls for the little girls to play with. 
This house was built in 1900. It was not built by another family, but my Grandpa Miller bought it and then my Dad bought it from Grandpa. I remember coming here as a child and playing in this back yard and sleeping in the attic at night. Some of my kids slept in the attic. It hasn't changed at all. 


Grandma made cupcakes with the girls.

We took a trip to the local library. 
  It was fun how snuggly Livvy was with Grandma and Grandpa. She kept telling me how when Grandma was in high school she loved the color lime green. Olivia also noticed by the decor that Grandma likes pink.

Then Grandpa took us up the canyon to the lake. It's five miles from his house. Pretty dreamy.





 We had a very relaxing trip and on the way home had a breakfast with the BYU cousins, visited Heidi Jo and Brandon, we saw Tess and her new baby. Then we spent the night at my friend MaryKay's because her son came home from his mission and stayed for his report. Then we stopped at the Christensen's to bring the cousins to our house for the week. It was a blast.