Monday, March 23, 2015

Happy Birthday Kris

For Kristen"s 14th birthday she of course wanted a dog, then a cabin.  If those two weren't going to work out, then a new pair of volleyball shoes would be first on her list with any Nike wear, socks, sweatshirts, headbands and a Nike sports bag.
With volleyball season coming up and all of our sports bags having at least one broken zipper, her wishes came true. 
You can't have a birthday without  honey mustard pringles.

Traditionally we have a combined family party with Kristen and Emma.  It is usually a Crepe Bar on a Saturday.  We switched it up by having the same  meal, but on a Monday night for Family Night.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Dressing Up

With a family of girls and one boy, you have to expect  a little dressing up from time to time.
Katelyn and her companion dressing up for a ward party like women from the the early church. 

Olivia and Natalie dressing as their teacher.

Crazy Hair Day  
Olivia's Blue McCaw and Kyle wearing her beak as an eye piece on Natalie's birthday  

Kristen's Thriller Dance Routine for Student Council.   Mary and Jeff at the Halloween party.

This was one of my favorites.  It was Disney Day for spirit week and Kristen as usual chose something original that is always risky because there is a high possibility that no one will know what she is.  Surprisingly people did recognize Russell from "Up."

Our children and friends wearing Kyle's Star Wars masks that he made.
Olivia looking fine in a Napolean Dynamite wig.

Lilly and Natalie, posing for their dance routine, "Calling All Monsters." 

Mary is wearing a pioneer dress made by Grammie for the Jones Family Reunion this summer.

Annalisa as Elsa and Raichele as Anna getting ready to go to a Princess Party.  

Acting out the Nativity at Grammie's  house on Christmas Eve

Last but not least the little girls dressed up like waiters for our Valentines Dinner. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Dance

Kyle was asked to the Sweetheart Dance.  He was given  a box of Swedish Fish. "Out of all the fish in the sea will you go to sweethearts with me."  or something like that.  So we gave Kyle all of these ideas to answer connected with fish.  He had his own idea.  He got some feeder fish in a bag of water and told Alli that odd was no and even was yes.  When he bought the fish he watched her count the fish and there were 20(even).  So when he came home with the fish, I mentioned that maybe he should count them to be sure.  He didn't think it was necessary.  So he delivered his answer and that was that.  Well at school the next day Alli's  friend said, "Kyle there were 21(odd)fish." Kyle, felt sooo bad.  He searched high and low until he found a big chocolate fish and left a note that said, "Sorry, I can't count. This makes 22(even).  

For the day date, they went bowling where they drew to see how they would bowl.

We did have to do a little shopping.  I have never thought to put black with black, but according to my children it is OK.  We were trying to match with the red and black dress.

Look at that cute guy!  Do I sound like a mom or what?

The boutonniere is always a challenge.  Should I take a class on this so that I will know what to tell them?


Rock Climbing

Over Christmas break, Annalisa had a great idea for family night.  " We should go rappelling."  So we gave it a try.  I expected it to be a challenge, but it ended up being really fun.  The little kids climbed the highest as expected, but the owner taught us how to not put the pressure on your hands, so we could climb longer and hang in a resting position.  Sadly I can't remember most of what he said, but I know it will all come back to me when I do it again.