Saturday, December 24, 2011

What's So Great About Christmas Pajamas?

 When I think of Christmas Pajamas, I get this little excited feeling about being with my kids that night before Christmas.  I don't feel nostalgic about buying them, that is stressful.  Giving them, I do.  It is after dinner and the nativity at Grammies that we come home and sit around the tree.  Each person opens one present.  They know what it is going to be and it is just part of the excitement of Christmas almost being here.  After we say a family prayer, they go downstairs and watch Christmas movies together and they are not allowed upstairs, until the designated time, which we try to make 8:00am Christmas morning.  I always have sweet feelings about these pictures.


 Christmas morning waiting on the stairs.  What fun.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

One of My Favorite Weddings

 Guess who is getting married? Eliza and Joseph have been dating a while and finally decided to tie the knot.  Since Eliza's family just moved and she didn't really know that many people where they lived, she decided to get married where a lot of the family were and chose a temple on the Wasatch front.  This is the key to having the kind of wedding that is my favorite.  When you have a wedding at a location that is not your home, it becomes a party with your favorite people, family and friends.  The people who love you the most make the effort to be there.  So they decided on the Manti Temple, which is near my parents.   It was a beautiful setting and very cold.  I do love the colors as well.  I think it is periwinkle.

Jacob, my sister Laurie, Me, Rachel and Rose, Rob and Trevor
Next instead of having a luncheon and then a reception, we had it all together right in the middle of the day.  No waiting, just go to the next location which was the local Junior College.  Beautiful place settings, a catered buffet with an ice cream bar  to boot. 

They had a short program, the Dad's Toast, and the cutting of the cake. 
Then they moved the tables out or back and we had a super fun dance. starting with the parents and the new groom and bride, then the first dance as a married couple.  Then everyone joined in and had a blast.  The bride and groom also did a little ballroom dancing and the bride surprised us with the worm.

Then we ended the night with the pyramid, the bouquet throw and the garter throw. 
Then at about 4:00ish, they changed their clothes, walked through the crowd, walked through our line up as we rang our jingle bells,
Got into their decorated car and drove off to go on their honeymoon.  It was awesome!