Monday, February 10, 2014

Whirlwind Trip to Utah

This trip was so fun and full of family.  Our first stop was in Pocatello to see the newly born Hyrum Erickson.  He was precious and perfect.  Eliza had a fairly smooth delivery, and she did a fantastic job.  
Our next stop was to watch gymnastics with Katelyn and Jordon at the Smith Field House at BYU.  None of us had ever watched gymnastics at that level in real life.

 Cosmo impressed us with his gymnastics.

We followed it up with icecream at the Creamery and Jaydogs to go.

Next we went to the McDonalds and spent the night.  We saw everyone in the family and were sad to leave them, luckily the younger three came to Idaho Falls 2 weeks later with Lisa.

We organized a cousins party at Katelyn's apartment.  She gave Kristen her birthday present early and it was much appreciated.  Kristen immediately changed into it.  We had pancakes and fruit.  Cousin parties are so fun to me because we see everyone, but it's only a few hours, so people can commit to it.  Katelyn is really blessed with amazing roommates.  She lives is Park Place and has her three cousins Jessie Jones,Kathryn Christensen and Elliotte Webb.  Then she also rooms with her good friend Megan Hatch.  They lucked out with another sweet girl named Emma from Pocatello.  She has had so much fun and they really love each other.
 Jacob and Alexa came with fresh squeezed orange juice made from California oranges.  They were very cute together and fun with the kids.
Trevor was planning on singing the National Anthem at a basketball game that night, so we talked him into practicing before he left.  It was really beautiful.
Andrew is attending UVU in Orem.  He is enjoying himself and playing rugby.  He and Polly photo bombed Nat and Rose. Is that a beard on Andrew?  It was fun to see Polly as well.
Kat, Jessie and Kate looking lovely.

It was so fun to have Rachel and Rob come with their cute kids.  We had never seen Abram.  Olivia played with him the whole time. Rose was so adorable and my girls had fun playing with her and Jack who was funny and entertained us. They are a darling family.
It was fun catching up with Elliotte and Jessie and their exciting lives.

Then onto Manti.  Mom had fun activities for the kids and we hung out with them Saturday afternoon and night.

Dad showed me his stories with original watercolor illustrations.

Then the next morning we went to Mom and Dad's ward.  They were asked to bear their testimonies.  People really love them in their ward.  We heard many great comments on how they have efftected others. My Dad was asked to speak in the other ward to encourage elderly to go on missions.  He gave a great talk and told the story about the  how Church should be a hospital for the spiritually sick and not a country club for the righteous. 

Lastly we stopped at the Christensens and heard the love story of Ashley and Kyle.  It was so fun to get the first hand experience.  We also got to talk to Dan, Jed, Matt, Erin and Melinda.