Friday, August 19, 2011

Swimming Lessons

The Jones kids love swimming lessons, well up to a certain age.  Kyle actually forgot that I didn't have him take swimming lessons last year and in a panic said, Mom you're not going to make me take swimming lessons are you?" Can you imagine him at 5'10" hanging out with the 10 year olds.  It did make me giggle. This summer was so crazy, busy that we had to sign up the week before school and the first week of school.  The good part is that everyone is so excited for school to start until after the first day of school, so they had something fun to do when they came home. The bad part was that the heater was broken, so no heated pool.
 This is pretty much how Kristen looked the whole time with goggles and mostly swimming. She was in an hour class and she really got her money's worth.  Her teacher was Ryan, who Olivia had as well.  He was great and she learned so much.

Just after the flip.

 Natalie passed her class and became an excellent diver.  Her class was full of kids that all wanted to be first, just like Nat.  I felt bad for the teacher.  What a great dive.
 This is Natalie's flip.  She really surprised me.

Olivia was basically in heaven at all times. Getting dropped off the diving board was quite a feat.

Here is her class and teacher on the last day.

We ended with shaved ice, which was pretty hard to find since the summer season was over.  It was still worth it and no one complained about the frigid water.