Saturday, January 8, 2011

Halloween Party


This year at the neighborhood Halloween party the costumes were quite a treat.  AS you know, Jeff and I love to really get into it.  Might as well.  Here are some of the costumes of the night.  I can't believe that I missed a few, but I did try.

Happy Birthday Mary

Happy Birthday!  This girl is getting old.

 Lyndi Emfield brings me this decadent homemade cake.  Kyle made me a darling candy bar poster.  Kristen also spoiled me with my favorite chocolates.  Anna made me a playlist of all my favorite songs.  Jeff , always spoils me and so did the other kids and many other family and friends. Thanks for making my month  special!!!!

                                                                   That is a lot of candles! 

Natalie's 7th Birthday!

Breakfast in Bed

Lunch with Launa
Cake made by Grammy

Pirate Smiles

Book of Mormon Party

 In January, we  decided as a family to read the Book of Mormon.  It was hard work, especially for the little kids, but we did it.  So this was the celebration for accomplishing our goal as a family.  We started off with a game of Catch Phrase.
 Annalisa                                                                                                              Olivia
 Then we did Minute to Win It.  It's swinging the tennis ball in the tights and knock over the water bottles.

The goals and Toss

 The Paper Bag Game

Kate,Nat and Kristen

Sort the Cards in a Minute
  Natalie First Grade and Kyle Seventh

  Kristen Third Grade
Annalisa Freshman and  Katelyn  Sophomore with Olivia