Friday, November 3, 2017

The Getaway

Last weekend we decided to go on a getaway.  Now personally I don't like to travel far especially if it's only for a couple of days. I'd rather spend the time away not getting away. Well Jeff came up with the plan and kind of surprised me right before.  It is someplace we have never been, on a getaway that is.  

 We first drove to Swan Valley and got a square ice-cream cone.  It is such a beautiful drive.  Our destination was Star Valley.  We ended up staying in this cabin suite.  It was so awesome, king size bed, hot tub, fireplace, dining area, 4 head shower.  It was great.  My favorite thing about traveling is someone cleaning my room and eating out with no dishes, small pleasures.  So it's pretty much going to be great no matter what.  The beauty of this place is  really amazing and you know how I feel about the beauties of the earth.
We went out to the local recommended Mexican restaurant that lived up to it's reputation.  It was packed and delicious.  Then we relaxed in our new home.

The next day we got up late and went to the Star Valley Temple.  It was small and lovely.  They only had three sessions that day.  We had to schedule and come 1/2 hour early to get in line for a dressing stall.  I loved it and it was so great being together.
Our next stop was for lunch at a local hamburger joint that was full of a traveling football team and their coaches.  I felt a little outnumbered being the only girl customer.  

We walked up to Intermittent or Periodic Springs.  It was kind of cold, but hiking helped a lot.  So this spring will periodically stop every 18 minutes.  Then it starts up and gushes, not with a trickle.  It was really cool, but the best part was hiking with Jeff and being in the mountains.  Here is when it is starting to slow down on our walk up.
It completely stopped and we waited.
 Here are our rock sculptures we created waiting for the spring to start.
 Now it's really going!

Heading back.

 It was really hard to leave the mountains, so we found another spot by the river and sat and talked.

 That night we ate at another local restaurant that was filled with ambience and classy seasonal decor. Every single things served their was gourmet. It was delectable and I want to go back.

The next morning we took it easy and I forgot to mention that they served a breakfast, pumpkins waffles.  We checked out, but we still had one more thing to do.  We went to Glacier Hot Springs which runs into a super warm outside pool.  The warmest part is right out of the spring in the corner that we are covering in the picture.  It is still cold outside mind you, but that is the fun of it.  We met many people from all over, Minnesota, Spain by BYUI, locals, California, Washington.  It was fun.

It was finally time to come home and we made it a slow drive stopping to eat one more time.
What a lovely weekend.  I could do this a little more often and I can definitely see the Star Valley charm.  

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