Friday, November 25, 2016

Katelyn and Mitchell

Katelyn and Mitchell started off as friends as many relationships begin.  He was her family home evening brother and she remarked that he was solid, which I am learning is a term that means a good person who can be counted on, impressive and righteous.  Well they continued as friends. Mitchell went home to Ogden to work construction. Katelyn's friend from high school married Mitchell's brother.   Kate was trying to get a hold of her so she messaged Mitchell. They started talking and texting.  Then he asked her out.  They went on a trip to Manti where he drove Katelyn so she could help her grandparents.  He offered to help and brought a change of clothes so he could work.  He dug down a path in Kate's Grandpa's greenhouse.  It was quite the undertaking and he won a gold star with Kate and her grandparents.

They had only been on a few dates when Katelyn went to be in the Hill Cumorah Pageant.  When she returned, he also returned and starting dating her  more regularly.  They soon became attached and were spending a lot more time together. 

In September we went to Provo to  go through a few of the temples for Kyle before he went on his mission.  We brought Mitchell, Katelyn and Elliotte back with us for Kyle's farewell talk.  Mitchell says this is when he knew that he wanted to marry Katelyn.  Sometimes its nice to see where someone comes from. All of the kids really liked Mitchell.  He was so easy to be with and was a real help.
Eventually they met each others families and became a little more serious.

In November right after Thanksgiving, Mitchell came to be with Katelyn in Idaho Falls.  He had already talked to Jeff about his intentions and Jeff and Mitchell had a good father and son-in-law talk.  So we expected something to happen sometime soon.  Mitchell took Katelyn went on a special date.  It started off with a rose and some chocolates. At each place they stopped he gave her another rose and a note that talked about special memories and times they had had together.  Then at the last spot which was by the temple he proposed and gave her a ring.  She said yes of course. 

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