Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Sweet Sixteen

 December 1st was the big day for Kate.  Our first child to turn 16.  Now what do you do for a girl turning 16?  Do you embarrass them at school, throw a party?  We decided to go the easy route and get her a cell phone, which she was wondering if she would ever get.   Katelyn claims that she was the only person in her seminary class that didn't have one.  We have this policy that we can't be coerced into doing anything because everyone else is doing it.  We don't have an official rule in our family, but we finally felt good about getting one for Kate.  She was really surprised and thrilled.
Breakfast in bed and the unveiling of the phoneEven her favorite color

Now it has actually been a few months and she has been on a date and actually gotten a job.  I guess sixteen does have it's advantages.  I forgot to mention that having a driver is pretty sweet.  For a while there I wasn't sure if she was interested in getting her licence, but  she has proven to be a pretty good driver.

Snowman Snow

 Even though it had already snowed in Idaho by this time, this day was special  This day was the sticky snow day, the kind that  you could roll and pick up 1 to 2 inched of snow at a time.  

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Sewing Machine

 You know how some kids have all the money.  It's not like they have any more birthdays than anyone else.  Annalisa does babysit, but not that much.  So, it's always a surprise when she's got enough money to buy something big.  Because she bought this one online, we did help a little and she would pay us back.  So it was a beautiful day when her Bernette Bernina came in the mail.
Look at those straight teeth.

Don't Suck Your thumb or It will Ruin Your Teeth!

Anyone who has a thumb sucker knows that they can't just quit when they want to.   

 After trying the gloves, popsicle stick taped to your thumb, the hot fingernail polish, socks on hands at night, etc.  She would cry because she wanted to quit so bad, but it was so hard. We were blessed with an accident that didn't seem like a blessing at the time.

Anna was about 5, right around kindergarten.  She was playing downstairs by the couch and slipped near the big, wood desk.  Her chin hit the desk so hard that she knocked her teeth loose.  She took a chunk out of the inside of her lip and had a cut on the outside.  It was so sore that she quit sucking her thumb.  I really think we would have struggled with that one for a long time.  The picture with the dandelions  shows her teeth that reattached crooked.
 This is a good picture of her crazy teeth.  She was still adorable.

 So after years of braces...
Here she is with the braces gone, hopefully forever.
Let me tell you a little story about a girl who sucked her thumb since the day she was born.  I suspect it probably started way before that. 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Thanksgiving In Washington Part 2

The second part of our trip was still in Washington but a little closer to Oregon to visit my sister Megan and her family, Travis(husband), Tommy, Susie, Ivy and Miller.
We were still wowed by the beauty of this state.  The first day we went to Multnomah Falls and the Fish hatchery.  We saw a 7 foot Sturgeon.  It was still a little chilly, but breathtaking.  The sturgeon was just crazy big.

Can you believe the view!
 Nice hairdos Tommy and Kyle.

Megan has a tradition of using  a table cloth that everyone at the meal writes what they are thankful for,then embroidering it.  So we embroidered a little.
Megan is seriously into pies.  Needless to say after this trip I have been craving pies.
                                                           Thanksgiving dinner.

                                                               Thanksgiving Dance Party
Lost a tooth Natalie.  Do you have any left?
Cannon Beach, You know where Goonies was filmed.


The walking backwards race.

Some of us also saw Harry Potter.  It was a great time.  Thanks Guys.